How The Dream Came to Fruition

We all have dreams, though not always do we reach for them because we think it’s too far-fetched and we tell ourselves they’re simply out of reach, right? This one felt like a novelty to me as well when the idea popped up in my head but then I spent some time imagining what I thought I wanted to create my life like in Italy just for fun. I started to imagine a life completely different than the one I was living currently in Seattle, and this far-fetched idea felt much more right for the person I have turned into.

I believe that when we put energy into something, it stirs up energy and gives us momentum to manifest what we want (a.k.a. The Law of Attraction). I also believe it’s crucial to pay attention to signs to lead you down the ‘right’ path you’re supposed to be on.

With this in mind, I invested energy into creating (in my mind) what I wanted it to look like, and I asked my Spirit Guides (some prefer the term guardian angels) to send me specific clear signs if indeed this was a path I was supposed to travel down. My guides have never let me down in the past, so I know I can trust wherever it is they want me to go even though I might be blind in the process. I have faith in a way I never did in my life before, and that’s why I’m more open to taking risks when I’m guided to do so. Anyway, I started to pay attention for signs from my Guides that were pretty obvious. Some of you who aren’t like-minded may think that I was looking too much such things, but it works for me. Below are some of the signs that led me to take the plunge:

– When interviewing for the Epic project at Providence back in December 2010, I asked about all the vacation time I needed off during the summer to travel to weddings and such. The recruiter said, “If you’re thinking about a 3 month sabbatical we’d have to reconsider (reconsider taking the job on the project), but your vacation time should be fine.” I ended up not taking the job because I knew full well I was going to need a 3 month sabbatical. 🙂
– On a day I was working from home, it came to me that I needed more fulfillment in life and if there was one thing I wanted to always do but haven’t done yet, it was to move to another country and learn what it’s like to try living in a foreign place, learning a foreign language.
– When visiting my financial advisor, I asked her if I should pay off student loans/car loan soon. She commented, “If you were going to be going off to Europe or something we’d have to think about it, but you should be fine for now.” Random!
– In my e-mail, I received a notification of Italian classes being offered for the Spring at the local Italian school in Seattle.
– During a reading for a client, she was being called to go abroad to Europe and immerse herself in the artsy culture somewhere else, but she was holding herself back. I was crying with her during her reading because the message from Spirit was for both of us.
– During another client’s reading, she was guided to “running away” and “living freely” in another country as well.
– When discussing this with Stefani, she asked if I read the book, “Eat, Pray, Love.” She thought of me as she’d been reading it thinking that I should do what the person in the book did.
– An e-mail showed up from a mailing list that I could apply for a scholarship at an Italian lanaguge school in Perugia. I decided to apply. I got turned down but was given a list of 30 other schools scholarships are available to, and that’s how I landed Il Silabbo and Il Federico!

2 Responses to How The Dream Came to Fruition

  1. Stefani says:

    ahhhhhh I got chills reading this 🙂 So great. Yep, you were definitely meant to take this journey. It’s so impressive, too, knowing you as I did when you first moved to Raleigh, how you were so sheltered, never having done SO MANY things, and now you’re one of the most adventurous people! Moving to Seattle, starting up your own psychic business, moving abroad to Italy… very impressive 🙂

    And you are so right in trusting your spirit guides and your intuition and paying attention to signs around you. Sometimes it’s so hard though, going forward blind and just trusting! One thing that’s for sure – you’re gaining an amazing experience on this trip. Even if you don’t feel like you get all of the things (from your LONG list) out of it that you were hoping/expecting to, many of the benefits and reasons why it’s a part of your life probably won’t become apparent to you until long after this trip is over.

    I feel that way about my time in Europe and also my summer spent in Costa Rica. I’ve realized that there were things I learned from those trips that I didn’t realize until years after returning home. So, who knows why it’s really important for you to be in Italy right now – there may be obvious reasons that you know of, but there may be other reasons that won’t surface for a long time. But you definitely know that you are meant to be there, for sure! Whatever the reasons may be.

    • Melissa says:

      Yes, I agree that I’ve come a LONG way! I think back to a lot of the things I didn’t know and now I do a ton more than I ever in my wildest dreams imagined. I need to remember that literally anything is possible with the right frame of mind and a will to do it. You’re so right too – I wonder what will come of this trip after all is said and done? I know it all comes as it’s supposed to but it is cool to think about. Thanks for the insight. You’re always so good like that.

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