Italian Bucket List

There are some things I would like to accomplish during my extended time in Italy. It’ll be fun to see what I can cross of the list!

  • Have an Italian relationship
  • Speak Italian (almost) fluently
  • Go to the little grotte in Tropea that naturally occurs in the sea
  • Go to the church on the top of the hill in Tropea that overlooks the sea and beach
  • Travel to visit my Sicilian relatives again in Grotte (those descending from my great-grandfather Amodeo)
  • Travel to Rionero in Vulture to see the town my great-grandmother Antoinette came from, and try to meet any existing relatives there.
  • Parasail along the coast of Tropea
  • Take a Calabrian cooking lesson
  • Take a boat tour around Capo Vaticano
  • Go to the Aeolean Islands of Panarea and/or Lipari, and see Stromboli by night (an active volcano)
  • Go to a vineyard to taste local wines
  • Learn traditional Italian dance
  • Stomp on grapes during wine season at a local winery
  • Ride a moped with an Italian
  • Get invited to an Italian’s home for an authentic meal
  • Go to an Italian wedding

For Fun, on a Regular Basis:

      • Watch the sunset daily
      • Go to the sea at least 3 times a week
      • Spend time with my Italian friends who I have developed friendships with over the years.
      • Focus on Self-Care:
        • Exercise regularly
        • Cook at home more with the region’s fresh, local, organic food
        • Meditate
        • Read books I have been wanting to but never made the time to
        • Blog about my experiences