The Statue of Liberty – May 11, 2017

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with the Statue of Liberty. I had a puzzle as a little girl that focused on the crown and torch of the statue, and I thought it was sooooo cool to see that people could go up there! It’s been a dream for a long while to do this myself. 

Back in October, on my flight home from Italy, I was talking to the woman next to me about my trip. She was fascinated that I met relatives in Sicily, and I told her the next part of the “dream” was to go to NYC and climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty so I could really feel what it was like to have finished the journey my great-grandfather took. I didn’t know that Debbie (the woman) lives in NYC. We had a great connection, and she offered to go to the top of the Statue of Liberty with me! We exchanged information and stayed in touch, and made plans for this. It always amazes me how the right people are put into my path at the right time. I love it! 🙂

I planned only to be in NYC for 2.5 days – anything more than that really overwhelms me because I’m so sensitive to energy. I was lucky enough to stay with my best friend’s sister, who has a perfect apartment in a great spot!

For fun, I went to Times Square while I could. Yes, it’s RIDICULOUSLY overwhelming for me, but it’s one of those “cool” things to do. How could you not see it when there?Image may contain: one or more people, people walking, skyscraper, sky and outdoor

I met up with Malcolm, one of my closest friends in my heart. He and I haven’t seen each other in 15 years, since we graduated college. We used to hand write letters all the time up until about 5 years ago. We spent HOURS together and just connected. I love this man with all my heart and I feel closer to him now than I ever have before!Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup

The next day, I met up with Debbie at her apartment. We made our way to Battery Park and stood in the line of cattle like everyone else. It was quite the ordeal! We had to reserve our spots months in advance, but it was worth it. You could see this beautiful view of the city from the ferry!Image may contain: skyscraper, sky, cloud and outdoor

Seeing this was just AWESOME!Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

We climbed to the top – these were some narrow stairs! It was completely a spiral up and down!No automatic alt text available.

NOW I finally understood why it looked like the Eiffel Tower in Paris – the inside structure is definitely that. I never got it before though.No automatic alt text available.

WE MADE IT to the top! It was way different than I thought! Much smaller…

I had the joy like a little girl – I’m SO GLAD Debbie was able to come with me on this adventure! It was way more fun sharing it with someone. Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

Image may contain: one or more people, sky and ocean

Here is the video of what it looks like in the crown – totally not what I expected!

To show you how narrow the staircase was…Image may contain: one or more people

Some fun facts:Image may contain: text

Another item checked off the bucket list! SUCH a fun time with Debbie. We agreed we’ll meet up again once I’m back in the U.S. to do some more fun adventures together! Can’t wait! She’s an awesome friend and I’m so glad I met her!Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, sunglasses, outdoor and closeup

Later that night, I went to the new Freedom Tower, to the 73rd floor. My friend’s sister had an invitation to go to someone’s office there, and enjoy take out while we watched the sunset. Just beautiful!Image may contain: sky, skyscraper and outdoor

During the evening – breath taking!Image may contain: sky, skyscraper, night and outdoor

A fabulous trip to NYC!

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Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie

My lease was up for renewal come Feb. 1 and I was dreading it. I loved this apartment, but was up in the air about life.

One night I had one of the most meaningful conversations with a good friend. He asked me something so simple:

“Would you rather have a unicorn apartment or a unicorn life?”Unicorn2

Wow, truth had never been spoken so clearly. I am so grateful for our connection that night!

I gave my notice on my apartment, and let me say it was a shock to Sean, the apartment manager that I was giving up my space. He could see I had reservations and asked me if I really wanted to do it. I did, but it was a struggle.

It is my little oasis apartment, (as my best friend calls it) and it provided me a space to just “be” as I needed throughout the winter while I processed all my thoughts and feelings. I loved the safe haven it brought me in the middle of the crazy city. The views were spectacular. But I didn’t care anything about it anymore.

Jumping ahead a bit, when I finally “let go” of the worry of do I stay or go, that’s when I started to feel like I had friends in Boston. I met some girls and I seemed to have been hitting it off well with them.

I hosted Easter brunch at my place and told my best friend that finally my home was filled with people the way I’ve always wanted. I felt so high on life that day!IMG_0772

I enjoyed hosting a rooftop deck event one night with friends to enjoy the sunset. THIS was the kind of life I was missing having, and I’m glad I got a taste of it before I left.IMG_9240

In the end, I realized that my “friends” in Boston really weren’t what I thought they were after all. I had a going away get-together two nights in a row (figuring some could come to both, or just to one). Some girls I thought were friends had come out on Friday but never really said goodbye to me, knowing we’d see each other Saturday. They never ended up coming on Saturday after all. They chose to stay where they wanted and actually asked me to change the venue to where they were! NO…it was my last night in Boston!!!?!?! It showed me everything I needed to see. At least I enjoyed the last bit of time in Boston I had with them. Nobody has kept in touch with me since, or asked how I am, or anything. The writing on the wall is clear – there was a time and place for that ‘friendship.’

It meant a lot to me though to see who did show up. I met Pardees and Amanda through a friend of mine from NC, who used to live in MA. They are tons of fun! Another girl I met through networking also came, which was very nice. This really showed me that I’m in a space in my life to only give to those who want to give to me as I would for them. Here are some pictures from our outing together. 🙂

This is from the rooftop deck of my apartment – savoring it one last night!Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, sky, sunglasses, skyscraper, selfie, outdoor and closeup

This was in Quincy Market. I have always loved those lights!Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, outdoor

My last day in the unicorn apartment, I made this video so I could always remember what I had. It is something…and it’s a chapter I was grateful to close. I felt so light handing the keys over knowing it was a done deal.

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In Search of Home

As you can probably tell, I was at a major loss in my life for feeling I belonged where I was. When I came back to Boston, I looked at my Unicorn apartment, and was in shock. Anyone would kill for living in that space, yet I felt empty.D1DD7DFD-89D9-411B-9EC6-A02C202E2426 (1)

I asked my Spirit Guides to start to show me clear signs if I should stay or should I go because the joy I had felt just weeks prior had dissipated and I felt lost and deflated.

Let’s skip over the drama, but in a nutshell it was CLEAR within a month that I had to leave Boston behind. A few highlights:

  1. I was trying to save a parking space for my friend, who was 2 blocks away, when someone decided he wanted that spot and continued to back into it though he saw me and yelled at me that he would hit me if I continued to stay there…which he did. He kept backing his car up, I kept moving back until it became dangerous that he could pin my legs between the bumper of his car and the one behind his. There were a slough of swear words in there too – typical Boston.

  1. The straw of dating for me was when I decided to spur of the moment meet someone I’d talked to briefly online, thinking it was spontaneous. In short he showed up drunk, and during our brief encounter shared he engages in marijuana for medical purposes. Nope. I let him know my thoughts and he got up and left and did not pay for his drink (or mine) and left me with the bill. Seriously!? You’re that bad of a man that you can’t even take accountability for yourself?
  2. I was trying to go to a Meetup for some Christmas festivities. I was looking forward to this for months. Here’s what happened:
    1. I couldn’t get out of my parking space, someone blocked me in which shouldn’t have happened. The concierge took forever to help find the owner of the car to move it, so this delayed me from arriving on time.
    2. I couldn’t find the group once I arrived, though I notified the organizer when I’d arrive. He kept ignoring my calls but then was unhelpful when I tried to find the group. When trying to clarify, he did not pick up his phone or texts. He was plain RUDE and I did not want to be with this group after all if this is how it was going down.
    3. My tire pressure light came on as I was coming home. I just had the thought (which I learned is a straw for me) of:

“If something happened to me right now, I don’t have anyone I feel comfortable calling for help.”

When I lived in Seattle, I was involved in a small accident. My ex-boyfriend was out of town at that time and I felt I had nobody to rely on. That’s how I decided it was time to go from there. This happened in Boston, again.

When I called for help (I got home safely) the guy was beyond lazy and would not even fill my tires with air because “it’s not required” of him. OMG. In total, like 8 hours had passed from the time I tried to leave until the time I got to this point. I realized I needed to surrender and throw my hands in the air. I was DONE.

The next morning I was trying to leave to go home to NY for Christmas, and the lyrics of the song by U2 came into my head, “You’ve Got to Get Yourself Together, You’ve Got Stuck in a Moment, and You Can’t Get Out of It.”

That’s when it hit me: I had to get myself together and move on.

I cried for about a good hour on my drive back to Rochester that day. I was tired – tired of the rat race of working so much to just maintain a life I didn’t love, and was tired of having to feel I was packing my life up just to go home for 3 weeks for the holidays, etc. It was an ordeal to pack my food, my clothes, my cat, etc. and it was like, “WHY am I doing this to myself?”

I had already started to look for home in NC again when I went in November, but it didn’t feel right. Yes, I have lovely friends there…but nowhere felt like home. Going home to Rochester for Christmas was really nice – it was just how I needed to unwind after all that. I had a lot of fun with friends and it gave me a feeling like this would be where I’d set up next because everything there is easy: cost of living is cheap, I have a great support network there, and there’s no traffic so everything is just EASY to live. J

After I started the new year, I got in touch with Nicola in Tropea and told him I was coming, and that I wanted to spend 5 months there. I wanted to spend my time there during the best weather and be surrounded by a sense of community. I was nervous sending this text to him but once it was sent, I was out of my hands! Exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time! 🙂

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After Sicily, I planned to go back to Tropea to see the people I enjoyed 5 years prior, and where I felt at home. It was clear to me in Boston things weren’t still jiving, and it worried me. My plan was to simply spend time in Italian class, go to the beach, and relax, which is what I did.


I ate really well, too! Hahaha. This was a typical breakfast for me. The cornetti here are so yummy! My favorite one is filled with Nutella.19389816_10212541501185113_376722941_n

Spaghetti aglio, olio, e peperoncino…and an aperol spritz!


I decided to get my hair done while I was there too. I knew one of the hairdressers who is super creative and I appreciate that about him. I decided to go there. My hair was colored beautifully and the style was pretty too! Too bad I can’t replicate this at home…

Lots of fun with friends again, too! I didn’t take too many pictures unfortunately, but there were lots of good laughs! 20196808_10212541500825104_1559931444_n

One of my favorite moments: Click here

A favorite local spot I enjoyed going to almost daily is Acquamarina Beach – I love the colors of this place! It’s a beautiful spot to enjoy the sunsets every day.

The best part: I woke up in a state of PURE JOY every day!!!! I didn’t even have to get up out of bed, and I awoke with a smile on my face! This was a feeling of happiness, joy, and love I hadn’t felt in years.

One night, I went out with an American woman named Josephine who was living in Tropea for about a year. I was very curious about the life there, because my friend Nicola asked me simply why couldn’t I just stay (considering I was so happy)? I told him not to ask me again, because it felt way too tempting to stay. 😉

During dinner with Josephine, she told me about what it’s like to date an Italian, and she told me how it was a lovely place to come to heal and fall in love. At that moment, we were in a wood fired pizzeria, and I suddenly smelled what smelled like a dozen ROSES under my NOSE!!!! I was baffled. Of course I asked her, and she did not smell anything other than the fire baking pizzas. 

Later on, she mentioned something else regarding finding love and I smelled roses – again. I was aware this was Spirit speaking directly to me. There was no way I could make this up if I tried!

With all this in mind, I really felt drawn to want to spend an extended period of time in Tropea. I knew it was much simpler and the fact I woke up happy daily said something. Why did I struggle with this at home? The vibration is much different…it’s just something you cannot replicate, I learned.

In all, I had a fantastic time in Tropea for the second time. I felt my time was short, but I did enjoy the free time to just “be” and soak it up. It gave me LOTS to think about…

The entire trip, I couldn’t help but think about the fact that my mom and grandpa would just absolutely DIE hearing about all the adventures I was undertaking, and was hoping (but truly knowing) they were there with me every step of the trip, even though I never received any signs from them.

Upon returning to my dad’s house, I opened my luggage to get into my pajamas after 24 long hours of travel. I was stunned to find this when I opened my luggage!20270041_10212541502585148_84260462_n

My mom leaves us quarters, my grandpa leaves us dimes. They were letting me know they were indeed with me and knew everything. 🙂


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Grotte, Sicily (Sept. 2016) – More Dreams Came True!

After meeting a Sicilian cousin in Ireland, I decided I would book a trip to Italy. I knew this was a sign from Spirit to go for it! How could I not!? I thought I was crazy for taking two large international trips in such a short amount of time, but it worked out.

I booked my trip for the end of Sept./early October, and I planned to go to Grotte in Sicily where my great-grandfather (Amodeo) was from, as well as spend the rest of my time relaxing on the beach in Tropea.

Initially I didn’t think I was going to do anything in Grotte, other than look for the house Amodeo grew up in, go to the town hall and church to look for any records, and to check out the cemetary to find any other descendants.
As the trip got closer, I knew I was kidding myself to think that I would show up to Grotte and not stare at every person wondering if they were my family or not. This prompted me to try to find information online first to see if I could arrange for a time to meet people at the town hall, the church, etc.

YEAH RIGHT. This area had no websites of these places, whatsoever! About the only site I could find was the town’s website where it listed the names of the churches, the officials of the town, etc. I was lucky to find a “Contact Me” button, and figured I should try…so here I went, writing to someone who I was, that I was coming, and this is the information I needed. I sent him every document I had and any old photos of Amodeo in case he recognized anyone in town to look like him.

An angel of a man named Carmelo wrote me back within a day or two!!! He received my email and is in charge of the town’s website and posting the daily news. He told me after reviewing my information that he thinks I am related to a particular family, and he told me specifically about a man named Diego Aquilina, who works for the town. I was BLOWN AWAY to have gotten a response, let alone this specific of information.

I sent Diego an e-mail requesting an appointment to meet with him, and told him when I’d be there. I sent him also all the documentation I had. Unfortunately, I never heard anything from him. I was really nervous showing up, naturally, because I had no idea what to expect. He may have thought I was nuts, he may welcome me. I was nervous.

It was a LONG journey to get there, but I finally arrived in Grotte. I had to take a flight from the US to Rome, then to Palermo, where I stayed overnight. I could barely understand the owner of the hotel’s accent (in English or Italian) not to mention being completely jet lagged. This worried me also because I hadn’t really spoken or heard much in 5 years! I did practice for a few weeks with my high school Italian teacher online before I went (thank God!) but it was still difficult.

Upon arriving at the Comune (town hall) of Grotte, I was met by Diego and his brother Lillo as well as the mayor of the town. I about fell over – Diego (left) ABSOLUTELY resembles my grandfather (right)!Diego

They were very nice, and took me to the woman in charge of the town’s records. It was here that I saw the original birth certificate of Amodeo. I was shocked to see it in a HUGE book – look at the size of that thing!!!birth certificate
All these old records are just stored on the shelves of metal cabinets, not in fire safe protection of any sort! It made me laugh – just incredible!
After this, I could tell they felt ‘stuck’ on what to do with me for lunch time. Lillo dropped me off for lunch at his sister’s house. I felt weird showing up out of nowhere, but the moment I stepped in her house, I was told to “Mangia” which I gladly did – nothing like homemade cooking in Italy! I discovered she was married to a man with the last name Morreale, and that is one of the names I have found in my family tree history as well. It amazes me that after all these years how interconnected the families still are.
Later that afternoon, Diego drove me to the old part of Grotte where Amodeo grew up, and was able to see his house from the outside. We asked the neighbors if the people who live there were home, but they were at work. Otherwise I would have loved to have gone inside to see it. It was absolutely incredible to me though to have seen this!
We were driving to meet another cousin of Diego’s, and in the car he asked me if I ever considered applying for dual citizenship. Of course I had but found it near impossible to come by with the amount of documents I needed to scrape up to prove I’m of Italian descent. Low and behold, he OFFERED ME the papers I’d need to give to the US Consulate from Italy – BOOM, just like that! I couldn’t believe my ears – I truly thought I misunderstood something, hahaha. Talk about a miracle, literally put in my lap!flags

When we arrived at his cousin’s house, this is where I discovered the fact that Diego did not think I was a relative of his. He said all his family he’s aware of either still live in Italy, or have immigrated to France or Belgium, but nobody to the US. His cousin spoke up, and said, “Yes, I’ve heard of Rochester NY” and she knew it was somehow connected to the family, but was unclear how. Hmm! All I know is that Amodeo was one of the youngest siblings (his dad was older when he had him) and the other siblings were much older. What I think happened is once Amodeo left Italy at age 16 (and never came back) his older siblings never talked about him. I am almost positive this is why Diego has no knowledge of him – his dad (who I presume was one of Amodeo’s older brothers) probably never spoke of him.

After this, Diego took me back to the town hall, where he arranged a meeting of all the Aquilina family from the town to come together to meet me!!! He told me this was not his Aquilina family, because there are 2 families there with the same last name. Upon walking in, it was like I came home for a homecoming party – everyone was SO excited and happy to see me!

After I got introduced to everyone, the mayor officiated a ‘presentation’ giving me a certificate acknowledging that I officially have connections to Grotte, which was incredible! Where else in the world would a town’s mayor give you special attention!? Unbelievable…


Once things wound down, Diego invited everyone to meet for coffee/light dessert, which at that point I was needing to wind down. In a matter of 7 hours, the things I always dreamt about and wondered about as a kid came true – in those moments! When I tell you I couldn’t sleep that night, it was no joke. I was high on adrenaline!

A huge thank you to Carmelo Arnone! I am forever grateful! If he hadn’t responded, I would never have had this beautiful experience!

The next day I had dinner at Diego’s sister Gina’s house and met more family.
It was amazing – after dinner, around 10:30pm, the doorbell rang – more family members came over. The door bell rang again, and more came! It was just incredible and I loved every minute of it! This is the group that ended up showing up. ❤
What blew me away was that one of Diego’s nephews, Alfonso, looks a lot like Amodeo. Amodeo was 24, Alfonso was 17 in this photo.Alfonso
Later on, I did more research and found a cousin of Diego, and her nose is EXACTLY the same as my mom’s!
My mom is on the left, this cousin, Gisella, is on the right.
Diego did see the resemblances, but I think is still not 100% convinced. I suggested taking a blood test the next time I am there, and I think they’re okay with this idea.

The next day I traveled to Agrigento with Lillo. There were some amazing Greek ruins there, and we stopped to see the Scala dei Turchi – just beautiful!20196806_10212541497505021_716544668_n20206343_10212541497665025_2071790174_n


Scala Dei Turchi

That night, I met Lillo’s daughter, Venera, who I’d communicated with. She is just lovely and we had dinner at their house that night.
I had a lovely visit during my time, and I look forward to returning. I could not believe the WARMTH and LOVE I felt on this journey with mere strangers!
For Christmas, our family made this video trying to speak in Italian for our Sicilian relatives! Anything to try to keep the lines of communication open.
I cannot express what a DREAM come true this experience was!
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Unicorn Apartment

Unicorns DO exist. Do you believe it?
In January 2016, the manager of my apartment building was replaced by a new guy, Sean. The old manager, Deborah, certainly was a tough cookie and also very challenged by technology. Upon arriving to my (very small) apartment in May 2015, I asked to be put on a list to upgrade to a different unit when one came available. I knew my name was on this list but there were others in line before me.
When I got wind that Deborah left, I immediately made acquaintance with Sean, and asked him about this list. As I suspected, he could not locate Deborah’s list, so he started his own list. I was thrilled because my name was AT THE TOP! I knew when an apartment would come open I’d be notified right away.
By February, Sean got in touch that a unit down the hall from me was coming available in April. I took a look, and FELL.IN.LOVE!!!
To skip some details and a lot of stress I endured, I was given the apartment! I was able to move in April 1.
You can see why I was in LOVE! Here are some photos of my space once it was decorated and set up:
I was blown away by this – it is literally the best apartment in the building, probably the neighborhood. It is on the 18th floor (the penthouse), a corner unit, and has the most desirable views of the city. At the time I moved in I told myself that something pretty life changing would have to happen to ever make me move from that space – it truly felt like a home instead of a box. 🙂
Just look at the sunset from the rooftop? This is the view I see from my windows, too! WOW!unnamed (1)17880599_10100706468034693_7900870194266475408_o
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Ireland July 2016

I am MAJORLY playing catch up tonight posting this…from July!

Last winter I was very guided from Spirit to travel to Ireland, though I didn’t know why. Many signs/symbols began popping up about it, and soon after I realized it was because I was meant to take a class from one of the top mediums in my field, named Tony Stockwell (shown below). He was offering a class in Ireland for the first time ever! In short, I had to overcome various obstacles to get there but the Universe did not disappoint! I learned a ton, and connected with a lot of other very gifted mediums, and got to know Tony on a more personal level. A huge thanks to my connection with John Holland for helping me work this one out!Tony Stockwell

I had a fantastic two week vacation touring the country by myself (and yes, driving on the OTHER side of the road on the OTHER side of the car). I am still amazed I didn’t have an accident or die from anxiety. 😉 The roads were SO narrow!

This picture was the day I returned the rental – can I tell you how relieved I felt?car

Some of the highlights included:

Seeing the Cliffs of Moher:Moher

I Kissed the Blarney Stone!Blarney Stone

Wait, you are confused!? THAT is the Blarney Stone, you are asking yourself…? Um….yeah. My thoughts exactly. You have to climb to the top of the Blarney Castle. It’s hard to describe, but you see I had to lay on my back on this rubber mat, and someone helped guide me to slide back enough (but not too much!) so I could reach up and kiss the Blarney Stone, which is hidden from plain site! It’s kinda gimmicky and I do not understand why this is so important! But…I did it! 🙂

I saw Castles!
This place felt like it was from a fairy tale. fairy tale

Image may contain: 1 person, sky, outdoor and closeup

***Note: it looks cold, because it was. It was July, but I was wearing a winter scaft, at times a hat, and winter gloves. It is damp and bone chilling. Brrrr!

I Saw a Stone Circle:
Apparently these are mysterious ‘ruins’ with a spiritual connotation. I was intrigued, and drove to one. I didn’t really intuit much while there, but it was windy and cold getting in the way of my focus. Cool to see though!

I traveled to Ulster (a.k.a. Northern Ireland).
I remember learning about it in 8th grade, thinking that was a ‘funny’ name for a place. Indeed it’s used still, and Northern Ireland is no joke. As soon as you cross the border it just feels ‘different.’ It looks different, too. Notice the paved line of pavement!ulster

I arrived, and was shocked to not be able to understand nearly a word anyone was speaking, though it was English. All I understood from my hostess of the B&B was that there was some kind of parade going on and that was about it. Here you’ll find a video of my cab driver speaking in a Northern Ireland accent – you really have to listen to what he says! I am asking him about his opinion about July 12th, Independence Day.

After dinner, I walked around the city of Londonderry for a bit when I noticed a LOT of police starting to line the streets. Of course, I felt nervous, but then heard and saw a parade coming down the street, so I figured the protection was for those marching. This was the most bizarre parade ever – few men marching, few people on the streets watching, and it was very short and sweet. Once they passed, the police disappeared and followed the parade. I thought it was strange, but was too tired to care and went to the B&B to sleep.

What I did not know was that it was their Independence Day from the Republic of Ireland. In past years, this parade consisted of the Orangemen (those supporting Northern Ireland) marching and any supporters of Ireland (wearing green) would often throw bombs at the Orangemen, amongst other things. Luckily for me, I found out this has been a peaceful parade for the last 2 years prior…but I was seriously in danger, and didn’t know it! YIKES!!!!ulster

The other reason I wanted to go to Northern Ireland was to check out the Titanic museum. OMG it was one of the coolest places I’ve ever been! I loved it! It’s a must-see if you ever go.

I’m glad I did go, but needless to say, I couldn’t get out of Northern Ireland fast enough. I know enough to listen to my intuition, and I did not feel comfortable there WHATSOEVER.

I Met an Italian Cousin in Ireland
Another HUGE highlight (and somewhat unbelievable) was meeting an Italian cousin of mine, yes, in Ireland! Years ago I tried to connect with Italian relatives in town of Grotte where my great-grandfather came from. I sent friend requests to many people with my mom’s maiden name from that town…and I wrote them also letting them know who I was. I have remained Facebook friends with them. So…when I checked into a place on Facebook, my ‘cousin’ Sabrina got in touch, explaining she lives in Galway and is an au-pair, trying to improve her English. We actually met, and I was in shock. HOW could this crazy thing ever happen!?! sabrina

I knew this was a sign of divine intervention that I would go to Italy (considering I had nudges anyway) to continue the journey of finding my family.

They have the BEST food ever! I was eating meat and potatoes (and more potatoes!) on this trip…it was absolutely delicious though. The highlight was the music every night! It was so jolly and rich, and brought people together. I feel like I even learned some traditional Irish songs, too, just by going around to pubs every night. This was the highlight of my trip EVERY day!

My favorite pub by far was in Trim, which was my last stop in Ireland. James Griffin Pub is AWESOME!

I was able to check off “Drink a (gluten-free) beer” in Ireland off my list, too!

This was one of my FAVORITE vacations ever – the people are beyond friendly, and the rolling hills are just beautiful and sooooo

Though I’m not Irish, I appreciate all that this country offers. I will return, some day 😉

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